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Mel Suarez

Last modified: 10/17/2005

My First Cross-Country Flight

Synetics/SAIC Alumni Reunion 2005

Cuba Trip 2005

Gaston Family Reunion 2004

My Relatives' Sites

Let me introduce the family sometimes referred to as "The Tribe":

Manuel Suarez & Eloisa Gaston

- My parents - Responsible for the raising of all Suarez Gaston tribal members

- both deceased

Lourdes Suarez

The oldest and wisest, a nun with the Ursuline Sisters

George Suarez & Gina

- George heads up several schools in Florida and is the oldest brother and avid tennis player

- Gina is head of a communications department at a university in Florida

Teresa Bernardo

- Teresa is mother of 10, sews, and helps the homeless

Lala Mooney

- Lala is a High School Guidance Counselor and all around fun.  Ask her about her kids.  See picture.

Margaret Suarez

Counselor, Therapist, & the Vietnam Veteran

Eloise Suarez & Manolo Hidalgo

- Eloise works as a cyberagent and realtor and is

mother of 5, most of them Georgetown grads.

- Manolo works for Calmaquip Engineering Corp doing consultancy for hospitals.

Manela Suarez & Tony Diez

- Manela is at the Georgetown Language Dept. Still plays a mean game of tennis.

- Tony is with the Dept of Treasury as architect/planner.  He also does world-wide tours for the Smithsonian and universities.  Envious?

Rosemary Suarez & Evelio Garcia-Carreras

- Rosemary is mother of 4 and bank teller

- Evelio is an Electrical Engineer

Xavier Suarez & Rita Suarez

- Xavie is the politician, lawyer and writer

- Rita is working as _______ (input needed)

Charlie Suarez

- Business & Operations Analyst. Ball player extraordinaire..

Mel Suarez & Susan Joudrey

- Mel is an information Systems Engineer with Corcoran and Associates and is also your humble host

- Susan is also an Information Systems Business Analyst, mother of two, and acclaimed by family and friends for her cooking and sewing.  Her buffalo wings are killers!

Mary Suarez & Peter Hamm

Mary: Fundraiser, Runs a Womens Assistance Center, Mother of 11 and still alive!

Peter: Doctor in General Medicine, coach, ex-ballplayer with the Suarezes, very patient.

Manny Suarez & Kathryn

Manny's school: www.berkeleyprep.org

- Manny is a teacher & business man - running a very large summer program at Berkeley High School in Tampa. Ball player, father of two.

- Kathryn is both nurse and mom.

Fred Suarez & Myra Waldestein

- Fred is Security and All Around Aide at Turnburry. The "Baby of the family"




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